Diamond-McNabb Ranch Horses

Zuko, Hip 47

2015 Bay Gelding

DLL Cats Kinda Trash- AQHA

This exceptional colt has every intention of becoming a super star! He has taken to every piece of his training like a fish to water. Zuko has a remarkable way of taking instruction, figuring it out, responding correctly and then remembering it. All of that makes training this horse a piece of cake. And frankly, we wouldn't expect anything less. His bloodlines are geared toward a high-performing, solid-minded athlete with the potential to eat cow for dinner, spin like a cyclone, and stop deep. But all of that wouldn't be worth much without an exceptional disposition. And this colt has that too! Since he was born, he's been a ranch icon and has endeared himself to everyone with his delightful charisma. Under saddle, he has been gentle and quiet. He already has no problem carrying the flag, crossing tarps, kicking the ball and messing around. Zuko is well started and will total about 20 rides by sale day. Already, he steers around nicely, moves both his shoulders and hips, stops and backs, and moves forward readily. Regardless of what you'd like to do, Zuko has the smarts, disposition and athletic ability to do it well! Watch for his video and call 307-298-5030 for more information. Ridden by Heather Dufek.

Height: 13.1 hands

Weight: 750 lbs

(Pictures taken on ride 9)


See NEW footage of Zuko here!