Diamond-McNabb Ranch Horses

Zip, Hip 86

2007 Bay Gelding

Iron Plated Zippo - AQHA

Zip is a sharp looking bay horse, one you would see the hero mounted on in an old Western movie. This horse has an exceptional way at riding up or down to his rider depending on the job at hand. When we put him on cattle he turns into a beef hungry machine. But point him down the trail, and he settles right in to the trail rider’s pace. Zip has done several ranch duties such as moving, sorting, and roping cattle. He is the type of horse looking for a job to do and wants to do it well. We think given his enthusiasm towards cows he could make a great sorting prospect. Take this same horse into the arena (or out on the trail) and put anyone on him. Tarps, flags, ropes, and bullwhips have all been in front of, on top of, and underneath of Zip, and he has never bat an eye. Zip is a rancher’s hand, a trail rider’s partner, and a family favorite, don't let this bay horse pass you by! Ridden by Chad and Christiana Wenger. For more information, call Ken McNabb (307) 645-3149.

Height: 15.2 hands

Weight: 1100 lbs