Diamond-McNabb Ranch Horses

Tribute, Hip 60

2010 Buckskin Gelding


Tribute is the friendliest horse Carly has owned! He loves people and attention, especially grooming. His buttermilk buckskin color and size make him very noticeable. Think he is too tall to get on? Think again. He will sidestep over to anything for mounting – the bed of your truck, a rock, the fence, etc. With a laid-back attitude, he has packed elk meat, been dressed as a lion for Halloween, played soccer, ridden pens in the feedlot, carried multiple riders, and he loves to bob for apples!·Day or night, he will go where you want and do what you ask. He will stop off a verbal ‘whoa’. A confident beginner will love him, as well as someone who knows where the buttons are located. He’s ready to go into whatever discipline you ride in. Don’t forget to watch his video! Consigned by Carly Brown. Email or call 303-668-3762 FMI.

Height: 15.3 hands

Weight: 1200 pounds