Diamond-McNabb Ranch Horses

Smokey, Hip 12

2005 Buckskin Gelding


Smokey reminds me of the horses that settled the West. He has a head nodding, country-covering smooth walk, a smooth ground-eating trot, rocking chair lope and is tougher than nails.·Everybody in our family has used him either to check fence,·trail ride, or gather cows. I think DeeDee said it best "He goes anywhere I point him without hesitation.·He never spooks or trips. I feel totally safe on him and he is super smooth."·I can tell you from experience that she does not hand out that high of praise easily.·Smokey is light in the bridle and good with leg and seat cues, plus he is quiet enough for your less experienced friends to enjoy on the trail. Ridden by the McNabb Crew. For more information call 307-645-3149.

Height: 14.2 hands

Weight 1005 lbs