Diamond-McNabb Ranch Horses

Rydell, Hip 89

2011 Chestnut Gelding

Mr Little Badger - AQHA

Rydell's can-do, try-hard attitude is what sets him apart. Jump on him to take on an angry mama cow or throw a guest up to enjoy his smooth slow jog and easy to ride lope, he’s gentle and willing. Tracing to Nu Chex to Cash as well as double bred Haidas Little Pep, he has all the athletic ability to turn back a runaway·heifer,·snake through boggy draws after·a renegade bull,·or be competitive in the sorting pen. He stops hard and is eager to please. His quiet disposition and willingness to perform allows you to accomplish any job you throw at him. Whether it be swinging a rope, quietly bringing in pairs, riding off alone, wrangling, or enjoying a trail ride, Rydell is a true partner that·I know I’ll enjoy working with no matter what we’re doing. Ridden by Heather Dufek. For more info, call 307-298-5030.

Height: 15 hands

Weight: 1000 lbs