Diamond-McNabb Ranch Horses

Riata, Hip 83

2015 Red Roan Filly

DLL Bugsys Red Chic - AQHA

Line up cowhorse performers on top and ranch and rodeo bloodlines on the bottom and you're off to a good start. Add in a balanced build, a cute face and strawberry-roan coloring. Top that with an 'eager to please' disposition and quick mind- and you've got Riata! She's the kind of special filly that turns into an extraordinary mare. She is learning in leaps and bounds and her riding is going very smoothly. She saddled up for the first time easy and gentle and went about her first ride quietly. She's progressing nicely under saddle and is gaining good body control, responsiveness to the bit and confidence. Riata will total about 20 rides by sale day. Watching her move and knowing her family, we fully expect to see this filly grow up to be a big stopper and have an assertive cowyness. She is smooth and light on her feet and has a graceful self carriage.ยท Whether it's ranch, rodeo, arena or trails, her muscular frame, solid bone and quick mind will carry her well into her future. Ridden by Jake Smith. For more information, call 307-298-5030.

Height: 13.3 hands

Weight: 840 lbs