Diamond-McNabb Ranch Horses

Ray, Hip 2

2009 Chocolate Palomino Gelding


"No guts, no glory!" That's Ray's motto when setting off on a long day. This eye-catching chocolate palomino has a zeal for covering country that makes him just the horse you want to be sitting on at the outset of a big ride. He has a head-bobbing walk and smooth-as-buttah trot that will carry you in comfort. Ray loves to climb right up hills, tackle rocky mountains or timbered ridges and ride the far corners of the ranch. He is gentle, solid-minded and has never been daunted by a challenge! After many long hours of gathering cows or riding trails in tough country he is still right there with his rider. He has been 100% solid, even with time off. Ray is friendly and personable, and isn’t one to balk at obstacles. Serious trail riders, mountain travelers and lovers of the great outdoors, take a good look! Ridden by Heather Dufek. For more info, 307-298-5030.

Height: 14.2 hands

Weight: 1050 lbs