Diamond-McNabb Ranch Horses

Moon, Hip 69

2010 Chestnut Gelding

DM Moonshot - AQHA

Bred and raised right here on Diamond Ranches, the most remarkable thing about Moon is his presence; in a crowded arena, Moon will catch your eye over and over again simply by how he carries himself, his self-confidence, and his athletic, flashy build. This horse is all business! Between an outstanding pedigree, a old-fashioned Quarter Horse build, and a ranch horse education, this is definitely a horse a horseman wants to ride. He is very light and feely, and has an incredibly quick and intelligent mind. Moon has a gorgeous natural head carriage, will take a lope departure from a stand still, change leads, plant a pivot foot, stop and turn back, all while staying in the palm of your hand. He is a free and easy mover, both inside and outside. On the ranch, Moon has wrangled in off of big pastures, gathered cows in the mountains in all seasons and weather, sorted alleys, worked gates and led a pack string, just to name a few. He is surefooted and hard working.·I have been competing on him in RSNC sorting for a year now including at State Finals, and he has won a lot of money and prizes. He is confident on cows and really wants to turn with one. One of the greatest things about Moon is that fact that I can lay him off until I need him, then throw a saddle on and go straight to the sorting pen, wrangle pasture or trail riding. To me, that is the meaning of a go-to horse; they’re there for you when you need them, no matter the time or situation. For those looking for a serious, all-business type horse to go into any type of cow horse or ranch horse show pen, you will always turn heads mounted on Moon. He has pushed me to be a better rider and trainer, and he will do the same for any serious horseman or woman! Ridden by Hannah Gutenberger. For more info, please call 307-298-5030.·

Height: 14.3 hands

Weight: 1100 lbs