Diamond-McNabb Ranch Horses

Miss Kitty, Hip 81

2008 Paint Mare


Miss Kitty is one flashy looking mare. Not only does she have the looks she has the personality and disposition to match.·She has seen many days working on the ranch but she really enjoys going for trail rides. She does not hesitate crossing or going over anything. She will go anywhere you point her and does well in a group or alone.·Miss Kitty·stands so gentle and quiet to be saddled, bathed, and clipped. We have loved covering country on·her checking and gathering our cows. She is sure footed and has been ridden in all terrain.·Miss Kitty·has been laid off for awhile, and has come back exactly the same. She is such a versatile, all around, kind natured horse with a big heart. Ridden by the McNabb Crew. For more information call 307-645-3149.

Height 15.1 hands

Weight 1195 lbs