Diamond-McNabb Ranch Horses

Hip 7, Nifty

2011 Gray Gelding


I don't know where to begin to tell you everything about Nifty. This gelding's name says it all, he is just Nifty. He is an all around horse that is super kind and gentle. You can put a young kid on him and he will babysit them or you can do any ranch job and he is as handy as you could ever want. He has been through Ken's 3 week apprentiship program along with his regular clinics too. We loaned him to my brothers Darold and Ken to take guests on the mountain for camping and pack trips. We have had riders of all ages from 3 on up take Nifty out and ride him up and down the mountain, he has always take care of his rider. He will ride in a group or go off by himself, he never gives any fuss or hassle. He goes where he's asked, sure footed, crosses creeks, bridges and downed timber with ease. On the ranch there isn't a job he doesn't do well. He really know his end of a rope and he will teach anyone how to rope. He will track up on a cow and he will let a beginner tangle him up in the rope and stand soild. He will watch a cow and sort it out of the herd. He has drug many claves to the fire, will work a gate and is great in the pens. He has been our number one "go to" horse for absoultly everything, the one we put kids one, guests on, the one we hand to experienced rider to enjoy and the one both my wife and I have to flip a coin to see who gets to ride him for the day if one of our hirded hands hasn't already saddled him. We have used him for all season of ranch work, in all weather and he has alwasy been solid. He has such an great personality that everyone who is around him loves him. He is traffic safe, great around all livestock including llamas, pigs, goats and poultry. This horse is just fabulous for trail riding, ranch work, kids, lessons, 4-H, team sorting, there are so many things that Nifty is good at. He is easy to catch, loves attention but has manners of a gentleman. He stands good to shoe, loads in and backs out of the trail, hauls well. Our phone number is 307-250-0900. Our website is

Height: 14 hands

Weight: 1050 lbs