Diamond-McNabb Ranch Horses

Hip 68, Chip

2012 Palomino Gelding

Grumps Golden Trigger, APHA

Chip·is one of those horses that you just naturally love. He is kind, gentle and friendly. We have covered tons of country together and done every job I do. From clinics to colt starting, doctoring sick cows to roping at our spring brandings, he has made me proud in every situation. Chip·is a smooth-moving horse who is athletic but not hot or pushy on the bit. He has never spooked and is a very well-trained horse who is super dependable and will be the same every time you saddle him, no matter how long it’s been. He loves the thrill of new country and on top of being a great ranch horse, he is an amazing trail partner. Ridden by Ken McNabb. For more info: 307-645-3149.

Height: 15 hands
Weight: 1100 lbs