Diamond-McNabb Ranch Horses

Hip 68, Annabelle

2013 Sorrel Mare

DM High Brow Belle - AQHA

This young mare is a favorite when there's a hard job to do. She has the drive to keep going even on long days. I've ridden her across trails that would scare an elk- steep, rocky, covered in ice- and she carefully, patiently places every step.·Annabelle has lived every day of her life on the ranch. Her sire and dam are both bred with some of the top cowhorses in the performance world. Annabelle herself can read cows like an open book. She's spent lots of hours working cows in a herd, in an alley and trailing baby calves. She's happiest when she's working. ·In the arena, Annabelle is tons of fun to train being highly sensitive, and extremely intelligent. She rides very light in your hand or off of your leg with fluid shoulder, rib and hip control. Annabelle has a one handed neck rein, stops off of whoa, a finished sidepass and caries a good frame. Annabelle is a prospect who's well prepared to go to work in whatever direction you want to take her. Check out her video and feel free to call with any questions: 307 298 5030. Ridden by Hollie True

Height: 14.1 hands

Weight: 970 lbs