Diamond-McNabb Ranch Horses

Hip 59, Kaycy

2011 Sorrel Gelding

Kaycy - AQHA

If you were looking for that one special horse that is extremely smart, willing and athletic, Kaycy is it. He is put together right, catch him anywhere and wants to be your friend. He is a fun horse to ride and has always been level headed and smart. He has been Val’s personal horse for the last two years. He has been used up in the mountain for our pack trips as a guest horse and a wrangler horse. He is handy for any job that you need him to do. He will go anywhere you point him with no hesitation. He is soft in the bridle, lopes around level headed and quiet. We have let him have time off and he's always saddled up the same. He is good to bathe & clip. Consigned by Darold and Val Newman·307-272-2759.

Height: 14.3 hands

Weight: 1050 lbs