Diamond-McNabb Ranch Horses

Hip 51, Sabbath

2013 Brown Mare

DM Mecoms Lil Shadow - AQHA

It’s hard to describe just how much I love this little homeraised mare! Our goal in our breeding program is to produce smart, cowy, trainable individuals that are built to last, and most of all— disposition, disposition, disposition! And Sabbath truly exemplifies every one of those characteristics! A daughter of our longest standing stud, Heaven’s Rooster, she is gorgeously built, with a baby doll head and a well-rounded shoulder and hip. When I started her as a two year old, she was the easiest start I had ever had, and every day of her training progression has followed suit because she wants nothing more than to do the right thing. She’s super smart, and extremely sensitive to all cues. When it comes to cow sense— wow! she’s loaded! What a blast to alley sort, work cows in a pasture, or competitively RSNC ranch sort! Sabbath is a beautiful mover too, with one of the smoothest trots I’ve ridden. But probably the highest praise I can give her is that she was the first horse I rode after finding out I was pregnant, and the last horse I rode before I had the baby. The fact that I trusted a 4 and 5 year old enough to carry me and my baby speaks volumes on how broke this mare is. No matter how much time off she has had, she always rides off solid and without any fuss. She is an absolute sweetheart and loves people and attention. Though she’s still a young horse, she shows every quality of a once-in-a-lifetime kind of mare and will always be on my personal list of greats. Ridden by Hannah and Steven Gutenberger. For more info, call 307-298-5030.·

Height: 14.1 hands

Weight: 1035 lbs