Diamond-McNabb Ranch Horses

Hip 47, Slim

2016 Sorrel Gelding


Slim is a gentle natured, friendly sorrel gelding who will always be eager to meet you at the gate. His long legs and slow, gentle, rocking chair lope make him a smooth ride. Slim is great out on the trail, crosses water and will cover country with ease. Slim will handle a rope, carry flags, cross tarps and handle most obstacles you point him at without hesitation. He has been taught to “pick his rider up” from a mounting block of any kind, so his height shouldn’t hinder you from dismounting in the middle of a ride. Slim has been a great addition to our program this past year as a horse that anyone can ride. Ridden by Chad and Christiana Wenger. For more information, call Ken McNabb at 307-645-3149.

Height: 15.3 hands
Weight: 1125 lbs