Diamond-McNabb Ranch Horses

Hip 34, Mo

2011 Bay Gelding

Mo Lectro- AQHA

When it comes to a classic, all-around, whole-family ranch horse, Mo is all of that and more! Raised by good friends of ours, this horse has been on a ranch and in good hands his entire life. Mo's proven himself time and again with kids, beginners, guests and cowboys, through riding lessons, horsemanship clinics, ranch work, trail rides and beyond. He’s wrangled horses, gathered cows, navigated tough trails and gotten gates. We have put a ton of trust in this horse, and he has never failed! Mo is good with obstacles, and has no concerns about a tarp, bridge, creeks, bareback or double. He can also handle his end of a rope for pasture doctoring or dragging calves at brandings. He is willing to ride at any pace; slow and steady, or pick it up to a quick long trot or lope. Mo has no hesitation about riding out alone or branching off from the group, and time off is no problem. He has a nice neck rein and sidepass, works off your legs, and will stop off your seat. He’s been taught to pick you up at the mounting block, and stands patiently for you to get gates or tie your coat on back. Over and above it all, though, we would have to admit that our favorite characteristic of Mo is his lovable, teddy-bear nature and willingness to do anything and go anywhere with his rider. And that is worth a million bucks! Ridden by Hadleigh True. For more info, call 307-298-5030.·

Height: 14.2 hands

Weight: 1085 lbs