Diamond-McNabb Ranch Horses

Hip 31, Crockett

2010 Blue Roan Gelding


Crockett is a big solid gelding, sound of mind and body with a kind and friendly disposition.┬ĚHe is truly capable of any job whether riding in summer heat or deep drifts of winter and has no quit in him. Being used in every aspect of the ranch including pulling pairs, branding, mountain gathering, packing and trail riding has made him adapted-to and safe in all terrain. He will willingly go anywhere you point him and rides out alone or in a group. It's not unusual to see him traveling home with elk sheds hanging everywhere off his saddle! He has been ridden around equipment, working dogs and been traffic safe. He lays up well, is a very easy keeper, gets along great in the herd and has no vices. And to boot, he's a handsome guy with great color! Ridden by Jimmy Puckett. 307-298-5030.

Height: 15.1 hands
Weight: 1255 lbs