Diamond-McNabb Ranch Horses

Hip 3, Bugs

2011 Sorrel Spotted Gelding

MM Traditionally Zipped, POA

Bugs has the most important role of any horse we own. His job is to take care of Jill and Jill is very handicapped. Bugs is exceptionally well trained and does an exceptional job taking care of Jill. He is extremely smooth which is a must for her. He is responsive but not reactive which is crucial for her as her legs have essentially no feeling. Bugs is very quiet. Jill has ridden him everywhere this winter in Arizona. She went up some big rocky mountains, through very fun rivers and across some mountainside switchbacks where the bottom was a long ways down. She also roped cattle on Bugs. If you’re wondering why Jill is selling him, she will tell you "Because riding and selling nice horses is what we do and I'm not going to let a stupid disease stop me!" Consigned by Houck Horse Co: 612-810-5455.

Height: 14 hands
Weight: 1000 lbs