Diamond-McNabb Ranch Horses

Hip 29, Boots

2012 Sorrel Gelding


Talk about a classy ranch horse! Boots is an impressive individual in so many ways: his gentle disposition, his gorgeous build, his great personality, his ability to do anything required, the list goes on and on. I would do anything on Boots because I trust him completely. I wrangle large herds of horses on him with nothing but a halter. and he does amazingly sorting cows and moving pairs. When we had to move buffalo in a snow storm, I knew he was exactly the horse I wanted under me. With limited showing I won a snaffle bit off of him in Ranch Sorting and I really think he had just as much fun as I did! His level head and calm composure comes in handy every day. I look forward to roping on him in the branding pen this spring and if you’re looking for something with a smooth jog, just watch him! You could hold a full glass of water and not spill a drop with this guy‘s jog. Boots will catch your eye again and again and he really is as good as he looks! I am proud to be his rider and I know you’ll love him as much as I do. Ridden by Delaney Morgan. For more info please call 307-298-5030 or email

Height: 15 hands
Weight: 1165 lbs