Diamond-McNabb Ranch Horses

Hip 21, Pal

2011 Sorrel Gelding

Shadow of Peppy San - APHA

Pal is definitely a favorite. He is a very attractive sorrel gelding with a white face and has two of the biggest, softest, kindest eyes ever put on a horse. He is very well trained and very easy to ride. He neck reins with the lightest touch and works exceptionally well off of seat and leg pressure. Pal side passes, pivots around and will keep a nice collection and frame. Pal works outside on the ranch as well as put in countless hours in the arena. Pal is the kind of horse that after a long day, you just can't wait to get home and ride him because the world’s problems just go away when you’re with him. He is extremely well mannered and very fun to be around. Pal enjoys attention and loves to see you when you come to the barn.·Consigned by Houck Horse Co. 612-810-5455.

Height: 14.3 hands

Weight: 1150 lbs