Diamond-McNabb Ranch Horses

Graham, Hip 8

2009 Chestnut Gelding

Little Shining Step- AQHA

Graham is a cute little gelding, with a teddy bear face and a sweet disposition. He rides in the style of a reining horse, with a push-button spin, side pass, lope departure, neck rein and stop. He has the comfiest slow trot! and his long trot and lope follow suit. Graham is a son of “Twice As Shiney” with great Quarter Horse lines behind that also. With all of this going for him, he would be an excellent choice for those wishing to get in to Ranch Horse classes, low level reining or trail classes, or for someone wanting to better their horsemanship. I have also posted the flag on him, and from the first he never bothered about it. Graham is very quiet outside, and couldn’t care less if you want to ride out alone or split up from the group to do a little trail blazing of your own. He is comfortable pushing through thick brush or across creeks, and has been ridden in the steep and rocky country here where he has learned to patiently maneuver difficult ground. He is cool headed when wrangling horses in, and works a gate like it’s his job. I love pushing baby calves on him because he will track them on his own while never getting in a rush. He has very polite ground manners and enjoys being groomed. I feel comfortable having my little sisters ride him, and have also lent him to guests. Graham is a neat individual with a lot to offer his rider, not the least of which is his kind personality. Ridden by Hannah Gutenberger. FMI 307-298-5030.·

Height: 14.1 hands

Weight: 1000 lbs