Diamond-McNabb Ranch Horses

Festus, Hip 3

2008 Buckskin Gelding

J V Magics King - AQHA

If you are looking for that special horse that will just put a smile on your face every time you ride him, then Festus is definitely your guy! From riding quietly down any type of terrain trails, to posing in photo shoots; dragging calves to the branding fire, to giving pony rides to kids of all ages, Festus has faultlessly done it all. Festus is a kid friendly size, stocky enough for dad to ride, and pretty enough for mom to ride. Festus will cross water, tarps, teeter totters, carry a flag and take just about any obstacle you point him at. He rides smooth and level headed. A true testament to his character is the story about a trail ride we went on last fall. We were bushwhacking through some thick woods when we came up to this very wide and thick fallen tree that we could not go around. The rest of the horses in front of Festus managed to scramble over it and when it came to Fetus’s turn he went to carefully step over with his front legs but soon found he was at a funny angle amongst the outshooting branches that his belly just bottomed out on the log. Instead of panicking or fidgeting, with a dramatic sigh Festus just stopped and with a look of expectation towards his rider, patiently waited for someone to point him in the right direction over the log. With a personality like that, you can’t help but to love this beautiful buckskin horse. Ridden by Chad and Christiana Wenger. For more information, call Ken McNabb (307) 645-3149.

Height: 14.2 hands

Weight: 990 lbs