Diamond-McNabb Ranch Horses

Dallas, Hip 50

2011 Red Dun Mare

MemoryOfAPurfectTime, AQHA

In eight years of riding horses for the sale, I would have to say Dallas is one of the top most talented horses I have ridden. Dallas has developed a class and style all her own in the two and a half years we’ve owned her. She’s pretty, athletic, smart, fancy— and with some of the best cow horses in the industry sitting right on her papers, it’s no surprise! She was also one of the most ridden horses on the ranch this summer, where quite a few different riders rode her on miles and miles of trails and gathering cows, and everyone got off applauding her. Regardless of inside, outside, alleys or pens, she is one cowy horse! And in the arena, you will never find the end to her ability: she has an incredibly light face and carries a frame on a loose rein at all speeds. She has a big stop; great roll back off the fence; lopes beautiful circles with flying lead changes between them; and will spin easily and correctly. She also took to RSNC ranch sorting like a fish to water, and with limited showing, she has won multiple checks as well as other prizes. She would be best suited to a #2 or higher. Dallas has great confidence and loves obstacles such as the tarp, ball, bridges, ropes, jumps, bareback, double etc. She definitely has the ability and skill to take anyone from a confident beginner to an experienced trainer to the next level of their riding, be that in a show ring, a practice pen or horsemanship lessons. She does not need to be ridden consistently to be a consistent horse; after extended time off she has always come back even better. This mare will surely wow you, just as she has me. Ridden by Hannah Gutenberger. FMI: 307-298-5030

Height: 14.3 hands

Weight: 1080 lbs