Diamond-McNabb Ranch Horses

Cordell, Hip 19

2012 Brown Gelding

SE Dynamite Kisser - AQHA

Cordell is a special individual with a special history with us: bought as a weanling from friends, we started Cordell and sold him through our 2015 Diamond-McNabb Horse sale as a three year old. He was purchased by a dear friend of ours, who subsequently put him into training in both the Josh Lyons and the Ken McNabb programs. When he came available for sale this summer, we were thrilled to buy him back, and have loved every minute of riding since then. Cordell is an exceptionally good-minded young horse that is as calm, quiet and responsive as you could ask for. Even as a four year old we were wrangling wild colts off him and he just doesn’t lose his mind. He is cowy and capable when handling livestock in the pasture, alleys or pens. He is happy to ride out alone or split up from the group, and is patient with less experienced riders. And, he is an absolute pleasure to ride in the arena, where he is getting to have a finished spin, deep stop, lopes haunches in, and lopes correct, consistent circles. He has a soft and supple face, carries a beautiful frame at all speeds, and moves easily off your legs and seat. Cordell is a beautiful mover that is smooth to ride. I have laid him off for long periods at a time and have never seen a bobble from him. He is so pleasant to be around, and has a sweet and kind personality that have truly endeared him to me throughout the year. Ridden by Hannah Gutenberger. FMI: 307-298-5030

Height: 14.3 hands

Weight: 1030 lbs