Diamond-McNabb Ranch Horses

Cody, Hip 72

2012 Bay Gelding


Cody is a smooth, calm, and dependable horse. We started him as a two year old and we have had him every day of his riding life. He·has been a breeze to own. Cody has been ridden all over the place. He will cross water and travel through brush with ease. He will ride alone or in a group and is the same horse in every situation. We have used him to gather and sort our cows. He really shows eagerness to get up and turn a cow. I have taken Cody over, through, up, and down all kinds of terrain. He handles every situation sure and steady.·He has a super neck rein, turn around, and stop.·He will stand quietly to be saddled, bathed, and clipped.·Cody is so comfortable whether you need to·get a job done, or want to go on a relaxing weekend·ride. He is just the ultimate sweetheart. Ridden by Lisa Gentile. For more information call·307-645-3149.

Height: 15 hands

Weight: 1100 lbs