Diamond-McNabb Ranch Horses

Chrome, Hip 38

2011 Gray Gelding

DM Genuine Gunman - AQHA

Chrome has a heart of gold, a cool head on his shoulders, a solid build and the good natured temperament of a puppy dog! Having lived here on the ranch his whole life and earned his living for several years, he is entirely competent as a ranch horse. Chrome takes roping, sorting, working cows and wrangling like an old trusted hand regardless of who's on him. He has been ridden by grandparents, kids and guests yet is ready to go right back into a tough job when needed. He has been very easy for anyone to ride! Chrome rides light and accurate on a neck rein at all speeds, can spin a post hole in the ground, stop and roll back and then go quietly about his way. He'll sidepass to the mounting block to get you, drag a sled, ride double, bareback or in a halter and put up with time off without a problem. There's all sorts of steep, rocky, choked terrain that I've taken him through and he's kept me safe. His breeding, personality, training and real life experience make him able to step into your world prepared. Chrome has done some roping out of the head box where he is quiet and easy. Since he was a colt Chrome has been making me proud and at just six years old, after years of preparation, I am proud to bring him to the sale! Please feel free to call 307-298-5030 and I'll gladly answer your questions on Chrome. Ridden by Hollie True

Height: 15.2 hands

Weight: 1275 lbs


See Chrome's Arena Riding Video Here