Diamond-McNabb Ranch Horses

Cash, Hip 5

2006 Black Gelding


Cash is the Man in Black, and he definitely walks the line.·A well-mannered gentleman who truly wants to please, Cash is the first horse to come to you in the pasture.·He walks right on the trailer and easily backs out, stands quietly for the farrier, calmly clips and bathes, and patiently waits at the trailer for you to take him on a ride.·Cash’s calm personality makes him well suited for the trail or chores around the ranch. Whether you’re swinging a rope or crossing a stream, Cash takes it in stride and is willing to do the job.· He rides soft in your hands, stops off your seat, and moves off your leg.·With a smooth walk, jog, and lope, Cash is the perfect choice for a full day in the saddle.·Ridden by BJ Grimmett.·For more information, contact Ken McNabb at 307-645-3149.

Height: 15 hands

Weight: 1115 lbs