Diamond-McNabb Ranch Horses

Big Jake, Hip 49

2011 Sorrel Gelding

Town Branch Dan - AQHA

Big Jake!·John Wayne is the first thing I think of when I hear that name, and he is the·big screen hero·I believe fits this horse the best. Big Jake is a big·easy moving horse with lots of athletic ability that I have truly enjoyed ranching·and trail riding·on. He is steady on·his feet and confident in any kind of terrain. Big Jake is very quiet to rope on and handles·stressful situations with ease. I have roped yearlings in the pasture and tagged newborn calves with him as my partner and at no time has he failed to do his part. When it comes to loading, clipping, bathing or shoeing he is a big softy,·standing half asleep for the whole process, and he acts like the clippers are massage therapy. Ridden by Kurt McNabb. For more information call 307-645-3149.

Height: 15.2 hands

Weight: 1175 lbs