Diamond-McNabb Ranch Horses

Hip 48, Raja

2013 Sorrel Gelding

DM High Brow Remedy - AQHA

Raja has never ceased to impress me since day one. He was bred, born and raised here on the ranch. I gave him his first halter lessons, started him under saddle and the two of us have ridden together through thick and thin. Raja has a sharp mind, lots of natural sensitivity and the athleticism to move quickly and smoothly, yet all balanced by his quiet temperament and dependable good nature. He doesn't let life get him. Everybody on the ranch from low-level riders to the most experienced hand have borrowed Raja for any number of jobs and come back to the barn with a smile and a compliment. Raja has a flashy, natural presence and all of the right qualities and training to make an outstanding performance horse! He rides light and accurate on a neck rein, can track a straight line, spin, lope depart and lead change; he'll rate up and down on cue, sidepass to any gate in the county, and carry his face in a fancy frame. I've been having fun riding him bridleless as well and he has caught on quickly.

When working or performing, this horse is focused and driven to succeed. He loves to handle cattle in the mountains, through an alley and sorting pen or loose in the arena. He'll watch and mirror a cow and has never been afraid to get down in her face and push her around either. Take a look at his pedigree and you'll see that his heritage is a full line-up of leading reining and cowhorse sires whose offspring have changed the Quarter Horse world. Raja has exceeded my every expectation and has made me proud in so many ways. I have had so much fun with him in the past six years and am excited to see what his future holds! For more information, please email Horses(at)WyoDiamond(dot)com or call 307-298-5030. I would be glad to answer your questions on Raja. Ridden by Hollie True.

Height: 14.1 hands
Weight: 930 lbs