Diamond-McNabb Ranch Horses

Hip 47, Nevada

2009 Gray Gelding

Pistols Smart Hand - AQHA

If you’re looking for a horse you can do hard core ranching or trail riding on, he’s the one for you. He’ll take everything you can throw at him. I’ve night calved on him in a blizzard at midnight and seen him get all tangled in ropes (and once in barbed wire) and never switch a tail. I've ridden him across flooding creeks, down icy hills and through brush so thick you couldn't see his ears from the saddle. He’ll stay calm through anything and will make a perfect ranch or trail horse for anyone. I've roped at brandings, in the pasture and just for fun on him. He is super easy to catch and wants to be your friend. He's been my go to horse for everything from roping cows in the dark to sorting or just going for a Sunday ride. Ridden by Kurt McNabb. For more information call 307-645-3149.

Height: 15.2 hands
Weight: 1225 lbs