Diamond-McNabb Ranch Horses

Hip 4, Spud

2013 Grullo Gelding

Hermies Rojo - AQHA

Spud is your ultimate “go-to” horse for any day of the week. Spud has a great disposition, loveable personality, and that enviable stocky Quarter Horse conformation. We have used Spud for beginner lessons, extensive trail riding, and photo-shoots. He has pulled sleds, snowboards, and skis through the snow and has been used to ranch rope. Spud has been Christiana’s go-to horse while being pregnant, with the confidence that he will take care of her no matter where they go. He has been over, ridden under, and covered up in many obstacles and playful objects. Spud has been ridden over bumpy trails, down the blacktop road along traffic, ponied kids around, ridden bareback, and has been ridden on double. You name it and he will most likely have the willingness for it. He is as pretty as his eye is kind. Spud is mature above his age, and has many many more years ahead of him for you to enjoy. We are confident you will find as much joy with this beautiful grulla we call Spud as we have had with him for the past year. Ridden by Chad and Christiana Wenger. For more information, call Ken McNabb at (307) 645-3149.

Height: 14.3 hands
Weight: 1000 lbs