Diamond-McNabb Ranch Horses

Hip 21, Pumba

2011 Sorrel Gelding

CS Little Laredo - AQHA

Pumba encompasses everything that comes along with the name of a family favorite. He is a big hearted, well bred, chunky built cow horse that is honest and gentle for the entire family to use on the ranch. Pumba is extremely handy, both off rein and leg cues, he is a joy to ride in the arena with his easy maneuvers, trainability and soft handle. He has a nice pivot, lead departs, side pass and solid stops. He is no stranger to obstacles and will carry tarps, drag logs, and enjoy game days. You can put trust in Pumba to take you anywhere on the ranch including up steep mountain trails, across creeks, wrangling horses, and gathering big country alone knowing you have a solid mount. Pumba has started tracking the hot heels, you can rope any speed on him and turn around to trust him to patiently teach lower level ropers how to handle the hot heels. Pumba won a check his first time in the sorting pen and has proved to be a competitive cow horse if you choose to haul him to local events! You can ride Pumba all day in any kind of country with his low head carriage, extremely smooth trot and quiet lope, you won’t want to step off him! Pumba is one of my favorite horses to offer at the sale with his is true, all-around demeanor that I can trust to put anyone in the saddle and know he will take care of them. Ridden by Jessie Cloutier. For more info, contact horses(at)wyodiamond(dot)com or call 307-298-5030.

Height: 14.1 hands
Weight: 1030 lbs